Cubed 3

Welcome to Cubed 3, home of the original SkyBox.

In this site you will find some of the most fascinating and original creations that are comprised from the works of various artists. Each SkyBox represents hours of labor and tedious work to generate graphic images that result in a 360 panoramic view. Not only can you rotate a full 360 at eye level, but you can view above you and below you in a full 360. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room and turning your body in a full circle while gazing up and down periodically. Thus the SkyBox is unique in its presentation and can be used for a variety of applications, such as: video game back drops, animated movie scenes and worlds, and alternative computer desktops. The majority of our visitors like to utilize them as an alternative computer desktop. This makes the conventional desktop obsolete since a SkyBox is interactive. If you are tired of that old desktop that is non-interactive, you'll love these... so take a close look at our large selection of dramatic and interesting SkyBoxes.

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